Medical Services in Florence with English speaking Doctor

Dr. Antonio Weber is a family physician / general practitioner in Florence specialized in medical assistance for expats, tourists and foreign students. All the medical staff speak fluent English.


(+39) 055 359935

(+39) 335 5309805

Monday to Friday 8.45-10am 2.30-7pm – Saturday 9-11 am (on appointment only)


  • General medical check-up |Blood/Urine/STD testing
  • Sports / Medical certificates | Periodic health evaluation
  • Internal Medicine | Cardiovascular diseases and Endocrinology | Diabetes care and insulin treatment
  • Basic Doppler ultrasound | ECG

Dr. Antonio Weber, English speaking doctor

Dr. Antonio Weber received his medical degree from University of Florence. He completed  his internship at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and took a specialization course in Endocrinology and Cardiovascular diseases at he University of Florence.

He practiced in Internal Medicine at the Careggi Teaching Hospital in Florence. He runs his private office in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine since 1985.

For tourists, foreign students and expats

Dr. Weber speaks English perfectly so he can give you assistance and medical advice without any risk of misunderstanding and with maximum transparency.



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