If you are an International student or worker in Florence and you want to practice a sport, as in any other Italian city, you may need a sport medical certificate, depending on the type of physical activity you are going to practice.
There are three types of physical activity:

  • Competitive sports activity. This is the activity practiced systematically or continuously for the achievement of high-level sports performances and is organized by national sports federations, sports promotion bodies recognized by the CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and the Ministry of Education. A medical certificate of annual validity is mandatory for competitive sporting activity and it must be issued by a sports medicine specialist and must include in-depth examinations attesting the person’s suitability for the practice of a sport at a competitive level (tests such as spirometry, urin-analysis, visual test and electro-cardiogram under stress).

  • Non-competitive sporting activity. It is practiced by those who carry out activities organized by national sports federations, by sports promotion bodies recognized by CONI, but not at a competitive level. In these cases, a medical certificate is required for non-competitive sports. It is valid for one year and can be issued by a sports medicine specialist, a general practitioner, family doctor or pediatrician and must contain the results of a medical history and physical examination, pressure measurement and an electrocardiogram at rest.
    This is the certificate that you need for example for gym memberships, using a public pool, non-competitive sporting events, or participation in school-sponsored sports.

  • Recreational and motor activity. This is physical activity practiced at an amateur level and in a free, independent and unorganized way by subjects, which are not members of federations. This kind of activity does not aim at achieving high sports performances, but is practiced to obtain a state of mental well-being physical. A sports medical certificate is not required.

Doctor Weber can issue Non-competitive sporting activity certificate.
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