From 1 March 2022, the AIFA Technical Scientific Commission – approved the administration of the fourth dose of vaccine only for severely immunosuppressed, transplanted patients and the primary course of immunization, i.e. 2 doses plus that booster.

These people can receive mRna vaccines at the same time as the booster, ie 4 months after the third dose.

The dosage is expected to:

  • 30 mcg in 0.3 ml for Pfizer in individuals aged 12 years or older;
  • 50 mcg in 0.25 ml for Moderna in subjects aged 18 years and over.

They are therefore fragile patients who have a compromised immune system and struggle to produce an immune response.

For all other people, at the moment, in Italy, there is no fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine.

For more information from the Italian Health Minister, click here.