Novavax, the latest vaccine against Covid authorized by the health authorities, has arrived in Italy.
According to the indications of the technical scientific commission of Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency), it will be used in administration as a primary vaccination cycle. Novavax is a new weapon against Covid, to be placed side by side with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, from which it differs in the mechanism of action, but not in the efficacy, which seems very high.

Novavax is a vaccine that could appeal to No Vax – or in general to all the people that have not yet vaccinated for fear – because it is based on an older and therefore long-tested technology that uses the recombinant protein production, in use against diseases such as whooping cough, hepatitis B and meningocus.

The Novavax vaccination course consists of two doses administered intramuscularly, 21 days apart.

Like any other medicine, this vaccine can also have side effects. However, most of the undesirable effects that emerged during the trial last a few days. In addition to local reactions at the injection site such as redness and pain, the most common complaints are generalized fatigue, muscle pain, test sore, malaise, joint pain, nausea and / and vomiting, fever.

According to clinical tests, there is talk of an efficacy that reaches 90% 7 days after the second dose, but unfortunately the data are still limited, particularly with regard to the Delta and Omicron variants.

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